The NEW Chicago Pneumatic CP3550 Range of Tools

The new Chicago Pneumatic CP3550 range includes angle grinders, rotary sanders & a die grinder. The angle grinders include a keyless rotating guard for improved ergonomics and easy switching between cutting & grinding; a durable bevel gear to maximise life between maintenance intervals; a spindle lock button to minimise time spent changing discs; a removable handle to enable use on one side or the other; a governed motor for consistent performance under load, and a rotating air inlet to keep the air line out of the way and eliminate the need for a swivel connector.

  • CP3550 Angle Grinders

    CP3550 Angle Grinders
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  • CP3550 Die Grinders

    CP3550 Die Grinders
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  • CP3550 Rotary Sanders

    CP3550 Rotary Sanders
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The industrial package

■ Governed motor maintains maximal abrasive speed
■ Spindle lock allows single tool abrasive replacement
■ Rotative inlet swivel allows easier handling
■ Durable bevel gear – 1,000 hours trigger time between maintenance intervals

Easy to handle

■ Rotative air swivel allows better and easier tool operation, avoiding air hose knot
■ Keyless adjustable guard makes it easier to adjust with gloves on

Industrial grade power with actual gains in productivity

1.5 hp / 1100 W governed motor of the CP3550 gives up to 80% more material removal than competitors

Chicago Pneumatic CP3550 Material Removal
Material removal vs. competition over 30 seconds

Chicago Pneumatic CP3550 Angle Grinder, Chicago Pneumatic CP3550 Rotary Sander, Chicago Pneumatic CP3550 Die Grinder