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NEW Chicago Pneumatic CP8849 Cordless Impact Wrench

Chicago Pneumatic have introduced the NEW CP8849 Cordless Impact Wrench – this is the first cordless ½″ impact wrench with 2 shut-off positions, going up to 850+ ft.lbs / 1150+ Nm.

No more overtightening
The CP8849 Cordless Impact Wrench series is ideal for passenger vehicles, light truck, and SUV tire changing applications. The controlled torque settings enable efficient torque level control for each tire-change job, and enable the user to quickly and easily snug bolts without overtightening and damaging studs. The operator must then use a torque wrench to torque bolts to the manufacturer’s specifications.

CP8849 Cordless Impact Wrench

4 settings in forward
2 shut-off positions
– Slow mode to approach without impacting (hand tightening around ≈ 3.7 ft.lbs ≈ 4-5 Nm)
– Fast mode to tighten wheels close to manufacturer recommended torque without overtightening (around ≈ 50 ft.lbs ≈ 70 Nm)
2 other forward positions
– 50% of maximum torque ≈ 425 ft.lbs / 580 Nm
– 100% of maximum torque ≈ 850+ ft.lbs / 1150+ Nm
1 setting @ full power in reverse ≈ 850+ ft.lbs / 1150+ Nm

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